CA Bikes Cruiser

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CA Bikes Cruiser

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  A well cleverly designed electric bike made just for commuting and urban riding. This fierce bike can reach up to 28 miles per hour. It is equipped with a 48V 8Ah Lithium-ion Battery wich is specially designed as a beer bottle case which goes along with the leather seat and the leather handle bars giving it an elegant look.This bike is made with a 24“ stainless steel Frame. Decked with 24“ wheels. This bike comes with stainless steel fender and with the front light. To top this bike off it comes with a leather pouch further known as the “saddle“.

Frame:Stainless Steel

Motor: 500W Powerful Rear Hub Motor with smooth driven shaft

Battery: 48V 8Ah Lithium-ion Battery

Forks: Stainless Steel SPORTS Fork

Tires: 24"*3.0"

Top Speed: 28 mph

Range: Up to 30 miles

Throttle: No

Frame Size: 24"*17"

Front Brake: Mechanical Disc

Rear Brake: Mechanical Disc

Seat: 27.2*330MM

Gears: Single Speed

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 59

Removable Battery:Yes

Retail Price: $3.900.00

 Sale Price: $2,699.00

Colors: Stainless Steel and Leather