Concord Fat Tire

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Concord Fat Tire

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The Concord FT is a great ebike for any type of trip; from traveling to school and work, cruising on the beach or playa, or carving a snow or mountain trail.

It comes with one 8.7ah battery but other battery options are available for sale as additional batteries. It can cruise at a top speed of 20mph and last about 30 miles on a full charge.

With a Bafang 350 watt motor, the Concord will be able to take you anywhere with ease.

Additional Battery Prices:
Extra 8.7ah Battery: $230
One 12.8ah Battery: $330*
One 17.5ah Battery: $450*

* expected to be in stock late August.

Frame: Aluminum alloy
Motor: Bafang 350w
Battery: 36v 8.7ah standard
Forks: Concord Suspension
Tires: Chaoyang 26in
Top Speed: 20mph*
Range: 30 miles*
Throttle: Yes
Frame Size: 43cm
Front Brake: Mechanical Disc
Rear Brake: Mechanical Disc
Seat: Concord Saddle
Gears: Single speed
Weight: 50lbs
Removable Battery: Yes

*Based on 175 lb person on flat ground