EProdigy Banff


EProdigy Banff

Our motor is embedded inside the bottom bracket of the frame, making it least noticeable compared to other hub-drive or mid-drive ebikes. This seamless integration offers a sleek and clean look to your every day’s ride on any city bike lane.
Benefits from the mid motor design, the weight of motor is low in the middle of the bike, makes the bike easier to handle. The system also employs multi-speeds derailleur to boosts the torque and speed of the motor system and hence enhances rider's performance.
Versatile Controls
Throttle helps boost speed through traffic at intersections and takes you home when you are too tired. Cadence sensor ensures a smooth and steady motor output even when you pedal as light as a feather.
Take in a daily breath of fresh air with the eProdigy Banff eBicycle!
Like the popular tourist destination it’s named after, the eProdigy Banff is sure to draw a crowd.

The eProdigy Banff features a retro design with fenders, a rear rack, and shiny chrome plated front handlebars. The signature Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor™ found in each eProdigy Bike is concealed within a lightweight frame, and the battery on this model is hidden in the rear rack which can be used to carry groceries, bags, and other items. All components of the eProdigy Banff can also be customized (excluding battery, motor, and control panel).

Designed for daily use, the eProdigy Banff makes it easy to love your everyday commute.

The convenient step-through frame of the eProdigy Banff allows you to mount the bike with ease, and extra care has been taken to build a comfortable seat and handlebars for extended trips.

Technical Specs

Max Motor Speed: 20mph
Range: Up to 50 miles*
Battery: PANASONIC Lithium-Ion rechargeable, 48V 11.6Ah
Weight: 50 lbs Including Battery
Frame: Aluminum Alloy Frame AL6061
Tires: Kenda, 26x1.75, Puncture Resistance and Reflective
Rims: Alexrims DM-18 26"
Brakes: Tektro V-Brakes with Power Cut-Off Brake Sensor
Shifter: Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed Twist Shifter (Upgrade to Sturmey Archer 5 Spd Available)
Rear Gears: Shimano NEXUS 3 Speed Internal Gears
Rear Derailleur: N/A
Front Fork: N/A
Chainwheel: eProdigy Chainring, 42T
Chain: KMC Chain
Saddle: Velo VL 8030
Grips: Ergonomic Grips
Kickstand: Central Single Leg Kickstand
Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor, 48V
Output Power: 500W/350W Programmable at Dealer Level
Control Panel: KT-LCD3
Assist Modes: Throttle-on-Command and/or Pedal Assist Level 0/1/2/3/4/5
Frame Size: 15"
Wheel Size: 26"
Available Colours: White/ Black/Red/Blue/Green/Ivory/Pink
Warranty: 2 years for the motor and battery; 90 days for all regular bike components
Design Concept

Front and rear wicker basket accessories are available to purchase to really complete this stylish step-through frame look.
Banff includes a self-generating front chrome LED light that helps light up the road when the front wheel spins. No batteries needed.
Originally designed for the Japanese market, the Banff offers a 15” frame in a full size 26” wheel bike. Possibly one of the smallest ebike frame size available for petite riders.

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