eProdigy Magic Pro

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eProdigy Magic Pro

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Do you believe in Magic? Because we do. The eProdigy Magic Pro is the ebike reinvented, again. This upgraded model of the Magic is where quality meets class. With everything our riders love about the Magic, we’ve added a more powerful battery, a carbon belt drive, rear-hub internal gears for grind-free gear changing, an LCD display complete with a USB port for charging or powering your accessories and reliable fenders so you can commute in any climate. The Magic Pro also has everything that makes our base model so popular. With the battery integrated into a deep, step-through frame, freeing up rack space and distributing weight, the Magic Pro is our most balanced ebike – in every sense of the word. The Magic Pro also has an adjustable head stem to quickly accommodate multiple riding positions while the geometry of the frame offers a rigid and reliable ride. The Magic Pro is truly one of the first of its kind. As an ebike developed for multiple riders, it can be easily adjusted and customized to each rider, ensuring that the Magic Pro is flexible enough to satisfy a single household’s needs.

The unique eProdigy Coaxial Bottom Bracket Motor System provides several benefits to the rider. The motor can sense pedal movement and reduces the workload when you're in need, allowing you to pedal at your own pace or not at all! The Thumb Throttle on-demand control allows you to speed up whenever you want - even mid-ride. The Motor System is designed with modular upgrades in mind, so you can innovate and upgrade your system. By placing the motor in the center of the bike, weight is evenly distributed, which improves balance and provides better control, handling, and efficiency. It also works with the rear-gears to optimize your bike's RPMs, increase battery life, and avoid over-heating.

LCD display with USB charging port
- Fenders
- 14.5Ah Battery
- A welded on rear rack that will hold double the weight than a tradition rear rack mounted on by small screws
- Integrated front and rear lights
- Quick-release adjustable head stem
- Reflective paint coat
- Hydraulic disc brakes with ease-of-use levers
- Double-stay rear kick stand
- 120Nm torque
- Zero-resistance rides when powered down