Kalkhoff Agattu B7

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Kalkhoff Agattu B7

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The Kalkhoff Agattu B7 is a simple, yet alluring inexpensive touring ebike from Kalkhoff, powered by Bosch. Instantly recognisable as a Kalkhoff, the Agattu B7 is built to extremely high standards in Germany. Its beautiful curves and smooth lines complement a very eager performer. Internally routed cabling, sensible ergonomics and a real attention to detail make this Kalkhoff quite special.
Powered by Bosch’s Active motor in unison with a large battery provides enormous range, more than sufficient for those lazy days out. The utilisation of Bosch’s very latest technology, the ultra smooth and highly efficient Active motor ensure the Agattu B7 keeps on going when others fall short. Designed for long and relaxing days out in the countryside, the Agattu B7 is equally at home on canal tow paths, railway cuttings or as a regular commuter. The suspension seat post, upright riding position and practical nature of this bike ensure a superb level of comfort at all times. Adjustable front suspension allows easy fine tuning to suit the terrain. Hard or soft, the performance is more than adequate.The Agattu B7 is all about ultra comfort and quality build at a very affordable price.


Frame    Aluminum Alloy
Motor:    250 watt
Battery:    Bosch PowerPack Li-Ion
Voltage    36v 11ah
Forks:    SR Suntour CR-7V
Wheels:    26in./28in.
Tires:    Schwalbe Energize Life
Top Speed:*    20mph
Range:*    50 miles
Throttle:    yes
Frame Size:              45/50in.
Front Brake:    Magura HS 11 Hydraulic Rim Brakes
Rear Brake:    Magura HS 11 Hydraulic Rim Brakes
Seat:    Selle Bassano Volare, Gel   
Manufacturer’s Warranty:    5 year frame 2 year motor and battery
Weight:    53lbs.
Max Weight:    285lbs.
Removable Battery:    yes
Retail Price:      $2499
Colors:    black