Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse 8 HS

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Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse 8 HS


The Sahel region in Africa acts as the "shore" of the Sahara desert, edging up to the Sudanian Savannah to the south, but Kalkhoff's Sahel prefers to toe the line between city bike and intrepid explorer. The light, stiff aluminum frame is compact enough to keep itself out of the way indoors, while maintaining an exceptional ride quality. The Impulse 250-watt motor helps make your daily commute a breeze, even when traveling long distances or over tough terrain. 20-inch wheels with comfortable, Schwalbe Big Ben tires spin around a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internally geared rear hub for smooth, precise shifting, and Magura's hydraulic rim brakes are cyclist-favored for their smooth stopping power and modulation.

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Drive:    Advanced pedal assist
Frame    Impulse Compact V4
Motor:    Impulse 2.0
Battery:    Impulse Li-ion
Voltage    36V
Forks:    Urban Compact
Wheels:    28in
Tires:    Schwalbe Big Ben
Top Speed:*    20mph
Range:*    60 miles
Throttle:    yes
Frame Size:    18in
Front Brake:    Magura HS11 Hydraulic
Rear Brake:    Magura HS11 Hydraulic
Seat:    Concept SL Trekking
Manufacturer’s Warranty:    2 year
Weight:    50lbs.
Max Weight:    285lbs
Removable Battery:    yes
Retail Price:      $3499
Colors:    Grey, white, blue