Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8


Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8


Kalkhoff's Tasman Classic will give you the legs you need to finally catch up to the Road Runner. With a lively, step-through aluminum frame, you'll get a smooth yet responsive ride, and with 250 watts of pedal assist power from the Impulse motor, tough hills and strong headwinds will be a breeze. The motor is torque-sensitive, so it's only activated by your pedal effort, preserving the fun cycling experience. Add in a high quality Shimano drivetrain and powerful Magura hydraulic rim brakes, and you've got a go-anywhere companion with real zip.

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Drive:    Advanced pedal assist
Frame    Impulse TS V1 Aluminum
Motor:    Impulse 2.0
Battery:    Impulse Li-ion
Voltage    36v
Forks:    Urban Comfort
Wheels:    28in.
Tires:    Schwalbe City Lite
Top Speed:*    20mph
Range:*    90 miles
Throttle:    yes
Frame Size:              18/19.5/21.5in
Front Brake:    Magura HS11 Hydraulic
Rear Brake:    Magura HS11 Hydraulic
Seat:    Brooks B67S Leather    
Manufacturer’s Warranty:    2 year
Weight:    56lbs
Max Weight:    285lbs.
Removable Battery:    yes
Retail Price:      $3799
Colors:    White,black,red,blue