Populo Curve


Populo Curve


The Populo Curve is a compact, portable, and powerful folding ebike.
While most folding bikes are small and easy to store, this one gets you to your destination without breaking a sweat. The three-speed hub will let you climb hills in the right gear. And thanks to the new grip throttle, you won’t even have to pedal if you don’t want to. Gone will be the days of showing up with sweat stains under your armpits. We designed this folding ebike to be comfortable and practical. We chose a soft, ergonomic saddle with gel padding. The rear rack comes with straps to carry your backpack or briefcase. And we even added a front suspension to soften those less than perfect city roads. And if you’ve ever been turned away from getting on a bus or train when riding a full-sized bike, you’ll know how useful it is to have a folding ebike that is accepted on most forms of public transportation. One-size-fits All - Short or tall, this bike fits anyone of almost any size. Environmentally Friendly - Whether you pedal or use the electric motor, you won't be making an impact with this pollution-free transportation. California Class II Electric Bicycle - This means the Populo Curve has a convenient twist-throttle and pedal-assist as well

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Drive:    Pedal Assist/Throttle

Frame    Foldable alloy

Motor:    Front Drive

Battery:    Panasonic

Voltage    36V 350W

Forks:    Suntour M3010

Tires:    CST

Top Speed:*    20mph

Range:*    20 miles

Throttle:    Yes

Frame Size:    One size

Front Brake:    Shimano v brake

Rear Brake:    Shimano v brake

Seat:    Velo ergonomic

Accessories:    -

Manufacturer’s Warranty:    2 year electric 3 year frame

Weight:    50lbs.

Removable Battery:    Yes

Retail Price:      $1299

Colors:    Black