Populo Lift


Populo Lift


A comfortable ride, combined with modern looks, and a powerful electric motor help you to enjoy any ride on the Populo Lift. The step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount, ideal for those that have difficulty getting on and off traditional style frames. Squeeze the throttle to enjoy effortless mobility, or pedal the bike and enjoy the Lifts’ 350-watt motor push you up and over any hill. The disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in any weather conditions, and its rear rack opens up a ton of possibilities for items to carry. We wanted the Populo Lift to feel like a luxury vehicle, so it has a suspension seatpost and fork to smooth out all the bumps and cracks in the road. The large city tires and padded seat are the final touches to this dream machine. The Lift will be your go to bike when you want to enjoy your ride in complete comfort.

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Drive:    Pedal Assist

Frame    6061 aluminum alloy

Motor:    Rear drive

Battery:    Panasonic

Voltage    350W 36V

Forks:    Suntour NEX

Tires:    CST C1446

Top Speed:*    20mph

Range:*    28 miles

Throttle:    No

Frame Size:              45/50cm

Front Brake:    Tektro M280

Rear Brake:    Tektro M280

Seat:    Cionlli ergonomic

Accessories:    -

Manufacturer’s Warranty:    2 year electric 3 year frame

Weight:    60lbs

Removable Battery:    yes

Retail Price:      $1299

Colors:    black