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Commuter Bikes

These bikes are great for Urban usage, whether it be to the store or to work. There are foldable bikes, lightweight bikes, and even bikes with baskets!

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are sturdy to support any type of terrain. They often feature shock absorbers and gear shifts to help with any rough uphill or downhill roads you may explore on your adventures!

Speed Bikes

These bikes are built lightweight but with a lot of speed to get that exhilarating fast ride.

Looking for even better deals on your e-bike? Check out our Model Bikes! These bikes are slightly to moderately used so we can give even better discounts on them. Just like our brand new bikes, we make sure to test all Model Bikes so you know that you're getting a bike in great working condition.

We break down usage levels to the following:

Floor Model - Floor Models are never-before-owned bikes with 20-50 miles on them, they still come with a full manufacturer's warranty

Demo - Demo bikes are never-before-owned bikes with over 50 miles on them, they also come with a full manufacturer's warranty

Consignment - Consignment bikes may have been pre-owned and can have any number of miles on them. These bikes we ONLY sell for CASH. They come with a 7-day return policy and do not have a warranty.

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