Burning Man: The JRS - Bikes Special Edition

Burning Man: The JRS - Bikes Special Edition

We would like to share some new announcements and articles from the Burning Man Project to those who are interested in this event or community:

Vol. 26, Issue#25 - Special Edition: PREPARATION - From Down the Rabbit Hole

Today’s topic is… BIKES! Burning Man is a bike-oriented culture — in fact, Black Rock City has more bikes per capita than any city in the world. Cool, huh?

Do not underestimate the importance of having a reliable, well-tuned bike on playa! Black Rock City is vast, and you will absolutely want to bike around and explore.

There are a few important things to know about bringing a bike to playa: for example, there is an ideal kind of bike to ride in our dusty metropolis; and just like cycling in any city, there are things you can do to keep yourself and your bike safe.

Now friend, what do you do with your trusted, dusty bicycle when it's time to go home at the end of Burn Week? That's right, you pack it up and put it on your vehicle or the Burner Express and you take it home with you. DO NOT abandon bikes on playa as MOOP. There are also places to donate your bike in Reno... read on.

Did someone say e-Bikes? Read on for guidelines about those and why riders in BRC need to SLOW DOWN.

Saddle up, we're going for a ride.

The Man Burns in 37 days


Here Are the Key Things to Remember (Let’s Call ’em the Four L’s)

1.    Light your bike. There will be 80,000 people out there, all moving at once. If you can’t be seen in the dark, people will run into you... or you’re going to run into things. (That’s a great way to ruin your Burn!) Creative lighting also makes it easier for you to find your bike amid the hordes of parked bikes.

2.    Lock your bike. Whether it happens by accident or intention, walking out of a theme camp to find your bike missing sucks, especially when your friends still have theirs, and you’re stuck walking.

3.    Label your bike. Mark your bike with some identifying information, such as your camp name and address. Then if it does go missing, maaaybe a thoughtful participant will reunite you with your beloved wheels.

4.    Limit your bike’s speed. (NO speeding!) The speed limit for vehicles on the playa is 5 mph. That goes for electric bikes, too.

Will Burning Man Ban e-Bikes? Up to YOU.

One of the newest trends to emerge in Black Rock City in recent years is the proliferation of e-bikes on our city streets and the open playa. Controlling speed in Black Rock City, e-bike or not, can be a challenge. In the wide-open playa, it can be tempting to go fast. 

We thank readers for their feedback on this piece and apologize for creating a panic. The post has been updated to reflect current guidelines on e-bikes, which are the same as in previous years — but with an emphasis on the 5 mph speed limit throughout Black Rock City.

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Tips for Riding a Reliable Playa Bike All Week Long

After more than 10 years running a bike repair camp in Black Rock City, John Briant decided it was time to try a little preventative maintenance. Read on for his oh-so-practical and helpful playa bike tips — including playa bike do’s and don’ts, choosing an ideal bike, and his recipe for truly magical playa bike lube.

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What to Do with Your Bike after the Burn?

Please, please DO NOT leave your bike on playa at the end of the event. Abandoned bikes are MOOP. In 2022, more than 2,400 bikes were abandoned by participants with no regard for the principles of being a Black Rock citizen. Hardworking human beings with better things to do had to pick up those bikes, load them onto trucks, and drive them off playa. Similarly, DO NOT abandon your bike along the roads back to Reno or in Reno. Thank you.

Visit the link below for organizations that accept donated bikes after the event, both in Reno (even at the Reno airport!!) and on playa.

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What You Need to Know...

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·         Lock and Decorate Your Bike!

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·         Somewhat Less Dramatic Tips for Improving Your Playa Bike

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