Snap Finance is a lease-to-own provider, helping credit-challenged customers (1)

Simple. Easy to apply, know in seconds.

Accessible. For those who need it most.

Flexible. Get it now, pay over time with 100-Day option (3)

  1. While no credit history is required, Snap obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with the lease-to-own application. Not all applicants are approved.

  2. The average approval amount a customer receives is $3,000.

  3. Standard, maximum lease-to-own term is 12-18 months. To exercise the 100-Day Option, customers must call Snap Customer Care at 877-557-3769 and then complete all payments within 100 days. The 100-Day Option includes a cost of lease above the merchandise price.

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Snap Finance - ELV Motors