Fleet Management

Find the Right Programs for Your Fleet Needs

ELV Motors, Inc. brings together fleet-certified electric bicycles, scooters, parts, service programs, and an expert sales and service team. If you're new to ELV Motors Fleet Group, discover the many advantages. If you're a current ELV Motors Fleet customer, you already know our great products and services.

ELV Motors Fleet Program

Choose from an extensive line-up of fleet-certified electric bicycles and scooters to get the job done. Ask about our valuable fleet discounts to help keep your budget in line.

Originally established in 2008, the ELV Motors Fleet Program was designed to help municipalities, commercial and campuses select, purchase, and maintain the right fleet for your requirements. The program has evolved, resulting in a superior experience for fleet customers in sales, finance, parts, and service.

Our team understands the needs of commercial business owners and that the vehicles used in your everyday operations are important for your ability to get the job done. Similarly, ELV Motors ensures our mobile team has the parts and tools they need when they come to your location.  


From local municipalities to federal government entities, trust the quality of ELV Motors fleet-certified vehicles. Whether you are in charge of maintenance, bike sharing, looking for discounted electric bikes for employees, or handling security and patrol, our extensive product line-up will assist you and your community, providing the performance, cost savings, and emission-free vehicles you need to do the job.

Business and College Campuses

Companies like Google and universities like Stanford and Santa Clara trust ELV Motors' sales and service. From grounds and facilities maintenance to electric bikes and scooters for employees and campus security, ELV Motors has the right product to come in on or under budget. Our vehicles replace many small gas and electric cars currently in use and require maintenance, insurance, and registration.

With emission-free transportation, which offers employees the option of moderate exercise while allowing them to save time by riding across campus and not having to spend time parking, and when combined with no license, registration, or insurance, ELV Motors fleet-certified electric bicycles often pay for themselves in a matter of months not years. 

Fleet-certified Vehicles

ELV Motors Fleet Sales Program is designed to provide discounted vehicle pricing to any municipality, commercial, and campus. We work directly with manufacturers for the best fleet vehicles and parts prices. However, we represent over twenty manufacturers offering over 300 models; only a small percentage of these bikes are fleet-certified.

To be fleet-certified, manufacturers must agree to warrant the bikes as they do for individual sales (many manufacturers will not warrant vehicles used for rental or fleet applications). In addition, each vehicle is tested by our service team to ensure it will hold up to the rigors of fleet use and is designed for easy serviceability. Finally, all parts must be readily available for each model we sell. 

ELV Motors understands the diverse needs you have. From our complete selection of maintenance, employee, and law enforcement vehicles to the most comprehensive line of accessories, ELV Motors will help you get the job done.

Service Program

The vehicles selected for the fleet certification program are chosen for reliability. Most bikes and scooters require no different maintenance than a regular bicycle.

We offer three service packages based on the number of vehicles and applications:

  1. You bring the vehicle in, and we offer discounts on all non-warranty service
  2. We come out as needed, and you pay a small monthly fee.
  3. We stop by monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to repair and perform routine maintenance.

Pricing for our service programs depends on the number of vehicles you have, how often they are used, and which program you select.

Commercial Lease

We will work with you as you find a lease program that helps allow flexibility for business requirements.