ELV Motors, Inc. is the largest electric bicycle, electric scooter, moped, and mobility scooter dealer in Northern California.

Founded in 2008, ELV Motors carries over one hundred and fifty different bike models from more than 40 different manufacturers.

We Match Most Internet Prices. Call before you buy direct. Call 888 612 9883 for the current sale price and availability.

FREE delivery within 15 miles for any purchase over $2,500.
FREE delivery within 40 miles for any purchase over $3,500.


Why E-Bikes and ELV Motors?

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ENVO Stax Electric Road Bike ENVO Stax Electric Road Bike


Mike Pohlable - Google

“This place is great. You really need to stop in if you’re looking for an electric bike. Most of their bikes have sales prices not reflected on their website. I stopped in after ordering an ebike from a different online retailer 2 weeks ago that still hasn’t shipped. I got one here - with a trailer, and store mounted stem riser to make sure the bike fit me well - for about $600 LESS than what I paid online. Being able to ride and try out the bikes first is really nice. Some of the bikes I liked just didn’t... Ride right... For me. I didn’t get what I planned on purchasing when I walked in (I got a different bike that fit me better that was a few hundred dollars cheaper). They don’t try to sell you on the most expensive. They try to get you something that fits you. (they may try to up sell locks and stuff, but I was asking about those - and baskets - and the trailer - so... Maybe expect a little of that, but their accessories are reasonably priced, and it felt more like I was taking them into selling than them pressuring me to buy them).”

Stephanie G., Fremont, CA - Yelp

“I came to ELV Motors on a Sunday afternoon. I was immediately greeted by Morgan, the owner’s son, in search of an electric scooter. Morgan was knowledgeable and when he didn’t know the answer he’d ask his father. I was able to test ride a few scooters and narrow down my choices. When I was uncertain about my decision to purchase one on the spot, Doug, the owner, didn’t place pressure. Instead, he let me know of a new product they’d be receiving that I might be interested in. For now, my needs for a scooter have changed, however if I find myself wanting one again, I’d come back here.”

Steve Lindenau - BH EMOTION

“ELV Motors was one of Easy Motion’s first customers. Doug has done a fantastic job selling our products, and coming up with very creative and entrepreneurial ways to promote our products and exposing people to the multi faceted benefits of electric bikes. I truly enjoy working with Doug, and I appreciate his high energy and creative approach to our industry. I am confident that we will have a long and prosperous future together. I wish we had more dealers like Doug Schwartz!”

Lisa L., Los Altos, CA - Yelp

“This seems to be a small, family-owned business. And they are really superb in what I believe are the most important things (price, quality, service, knowledge, expertise)...I adore this shop and the people working here. Yes, the bikes they sell are expensive, but not in the price-is-jacked-up way, just in the “we have good quality bikes to sell” way.”