Montague M-E1 - Ergonomic Efficiency

Montague M-E1 - Ergonomic Efficiency

As we have Montague as one of the e-bike brands that we carry being an electric bike dealer in Santa Clara, California, maybe some of you may have stumbled upon Montague M-E1, Montague’s first full-size performance foldable e-bike and a revolutionary new e-bike designed for both urban riding and trekking.

If you would like to learn more about M-E1, perhaps it would be interesting for you to have a read on an article written by Enrico Punsalang on InsideEVs (click the link to go to the source and read the full article) about it. Here’s an excerpt:

“When it comes to urban mobility, portability, and space-saving solutions are essential. This is why folding bicycles and electric kick scooters have become so popular. Naturally, vehicles of this kind have their drawbacks. Electric kick scooters are inherently unstable due to their steep rake angle and tiny wheels. Meanwhile, folding bikes don’t offer nearly as much pedaling efficiency as their full-sized counterparts.

This is where bikes like Montague’s new M-E1 come into play. By making use of standard bicycle geometry, as well as conventional 700c wheels, it provides riders with ergonomic efficiency. Meanwhile, the Montague M-E1 also incorporates a folding frame so users don’t miss out on the space-saving capabilities of the good old folding bike—and oh yeah, it’s electric, too!”

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