Electrek.co's Article on Electric Bikes as a Best-Selling Electric Vehicle

Electrek.co's Article on Electric Bikes as a Best-Selling Electric Vehicle

On Nov. 18, 2021, Micah Toll wrote an article on Electrek.co - “Believe it or not, electric cars aren’t the best-selling electric vehicles. These are”.

It talked about how electric bikes outsell electric cars but are not as talked about as the latter Here are some excerpts of Micah Toll’s article on Electrek.co -


“Electric bikes. They’re two-wheeled electric vehicles that outsell electric cars handily and are a much more affordable way for many commuters to begin replacing gas-driven miles with a cleaner alternative.

So why aren’t they a bigger part of the discussion on sustainable transportation alternatives?

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of learning about these fun electric two-wheelers, e-bikes are basically normal pedal bikes with the addition of a battery and an electric assist motor.

Sometimes it’s a low-power motor designed to help cyclists climb a hill easier, reduce the effort required to get to work, or lengthen a fitness ride for longer outings.

Other times, it’s a higher power motor complete with hand throttle like a motorbike that can actually replace the need to pedal altogether and function more like an electric moped.

And then there are all sorts of specialty electric bicycles, like folding models for taking on the subway or cargo models for carrying groceries or kids.

Basically, it’s a vastly diverse industry with something for everyone. The common thread is that they all share electric motors and they all can be used to replace car miles – especially gas-powered car miles.

These aren’t some new-fangled idea or an obscure hobby for those in the know. Electric bicycles are selling like hotcakes – and they have been for years.

Even in the US where the public has been slower to catch on to e-bikes, new electric bicycle companies have reached over a hundred thousand sales in just two years.

The more established electric bicycle companies in the US are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in funding as investors awaken to the huge surge in e-bike adoption.

In Europe, electric bicycles are even more common and are actually projected to outsell cars by the middle of this decade. Not just outsell electric cars. All cars.

And Asia is already years ahead of Europe in terms of e-bike adoption, where it is common for families to forgo a car altogether in favor of an electric bike.”


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