Eurobike 2021

Eurobike 2021

Traveling from the United States to Europe has many new challenges, thanks to Covid. There are numerous forms to fill out before being allowed to fly, not to mention proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours before boarding.

Once you get to your destination, you need to show additional documentation and complete contract tracing forms. For example, in some countries, you need to do contract tracing forms at restaurants and hotels. I was even required to show my vaccination card before entering the Eurobike show.

These requirements, plus quarantine requirements depending on the country you are flying from, partially account for what appeared to be a lower attendance turnout from previous years.

As an attendee, fewer attendees made visiting the show more enjoyable; however, fewer exhibitors from prior years reduced the options of manufacturers to see, however, there was more than enough to make the trip worthwhile. Notable was the lack of exhibitors from Asia.

Walking six miles allowed me to photograph most of the electric bicycle-related stands in one day. Here is a link to the photographs if you would like to view the show without the travel, paperwork and six-mile walk.

Having sold electric bicycles since 2008, I was surprised at the number of manufacturers and models on exhibit that are not currently sold in the US. Some of the stands had up to 45 models on display. When you factor in multiple sizes and colors, I can’t imagine the logistics of manufacturing and selling so many different skews. As a dealer, flooring so many different models, sizes and colors from one manufacturer is not cost-effective.

There was a more extensive selection of motor manufacturers than I have seen in the past, giving manufacturers more motor and battery formats options to fit their designs.

With few exceptions, it used to be you could buy an electric bike in any color as long as it was black, white, or silver. Now some companies are offering up to 18 colors with some gloss and others sheen. The new colors and new bike designs are beautiful.

From a consumer’s perspective, the number of manufacturers, models and colors, will make selecting a bike more difficult, hence the importance of websites like the Electric Bike Review to help narrow the field.

In addition to a broader variety of colors and models, many manufacturers are introducing “connected bikes, with built-in theft prevention systems, and a few offered electric tricycles for older riders or people with balance issues, and small folding electric bikes for commuters and RV owners.

Many companies also exhibited cargo bikes of all sizes, scooters, bike-sharing systems, GPS tracking systems, storage, bike washing and shipping solutions.

I have a new respect for what Court does, drilling down on the specifications for each make and model. One thing is for sure, Court will not run out of bikes to review in the near future.


Douglas Schwartz
ELV Motors, Inc.