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Share the Ride with Your Beloved Pet!

Crafted with care and precision, this wooden board provides a comfortable platform for your loved pet to accompany you on your rides.

Convenient Folding Design

Experience ultimate convenience with the practical folding frame of the Addmotor SPYTAN Ebike. Designed with your needs in mind, this folding frame allows you to effortlessly collapse the bike, making it a perfect fit for tight spaces or the trunk of your car.

Practical Front Rack

The M-320 electric bike comes equipped with a front rack that offers both functionality and
convenience. With a generous payload capacity of 80 lbs, this front rack provides ample space to carry your belongings or even your beloved pet.

Reliable UL-Certified Samsung Cell Battery

The 48V*20Ah high-capacity battery delivers ample power boasting a range of up to 90 miles. The UL-certified battery in the US and Canada keeps your ride safe and secure.

Design of Dual-Headlight

The SPYTAN ebike features dual headlights, providing a broader and more focused beam
of light.This design improves visibility, making it easier for you to see and be seen.

Hellaflush Design of Two Front Wheels

Beyond the visual appeal, the Hellaflush design also improves the bike's stability. The flush fitment allows for a lower center of gravity, enhancing the bike's overall balance and handling.

Durable Integrated Rear Rack

Its sturdy build ensures that it can handle various loads without compromising its structural integrity. Whether you need to transport groceries, backpacks, or other essentials, this rear rack can accommodate your needs with ease.

Addmotor Exclusive 750W Rear-Mounted Motor

The 750W rear motor is meticulously engineered for extraordinary performance, delivering superior performance and acceleration to add power to your riding experience

  • Max Motor Torque: 90Nm
  • Peak Motor Watts: 1,400W
Half Twist Throttle

SPYTAN E-bike has a twist throttle that allows riding without pedaling. You can twist
to activate and get full control of the motor. Plus the 7-Level PAS mode, you can enjoy the ride on your preference.

Parking Brake System

With the parking brake, you can safely securely immobilize your electric trike whether you're stopping for a break, running errands, or parking on an incline, the parking brake provides additional safety and security.

Durable Front Rack

The SPYTAN electric bike has a front rack with an 80 lb payload capacity, providing ample space for your belongings or a pet.

Dual Headlights

With dual headlights, the SPYTAN ebike illuminates the road with a broader and more focused beam of light, significantly enhancing visibility for both the rider and others on the road.

Folding Design

The folding frame of the SPYTAN is engineered with user-friendly features. With a simple folding mechanism, you can quickly and easily fold and unfold the bike, without the need for additional tools.

Integrated Button

The SPYTAN ebike features a user-friendly LCD display and integrated handlebar button for convenient access to functions, allowing you to customize your riding experience and stay safe on the road.

Hellaflush Front Wheels

The Hellaflush design of the bike improves stability by lowering the center of gravity, enhancing overall balance and handling.

Triple Disc Brakes

Triplet Parking Power! Tektro mechanical disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power, ensuring responsive and controlled braking in any situation.

48V*20Ah UL-certified Battery

With an UL-certified battery, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your ebike is equipped with a reliable and safe power source.

Foldable Handlebar

This innovative design allows you to easily collapse and fold the handlebar, making the bike more compact and easy to transport or store.

Addmotor Fat Tires

SPYTAN equips with 16''*3.0'' front wheels and 16''*4.0'' rear wheel. It allows the SPYTAN to tackle a wide range of riding conditions with ease, providing excellent maneuverability, control, and comfort.

Addmotor Spytan Specifications

48V*750W Rear-Mounted Brushless Motor: 90 Nm Torque; 1400 Watts Peak Power
48V 20Ah (960Wh) Battery w/ Samsung Lithium-Ion Cells | Charging Time: 8-10 Hrs; Rated For 1,000-1,500 Charge Cycles
Addmotor EB 2.0 LCD Display
Addmotor 25A Controller
Right Hand Half Twist Throttle with Switch
Latest EB 2.0 front lights and 5-in-1 taillight
USB Port
Integrated in Display, 5V, 1Amp
Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness
Pedal Assist
Intelligent 7 Level Pedal Assist, Speed Sensor
48V*2A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger, 5 Pins With Auto Magnetic Suction
Max Range
Up to 90 Miles Per Charge with PAS 1
7020 Aluminum Alloy Frame
Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor
Brake Rotors
180mm Front / 2*180mm Rear Rotors on 3 Wheels
16" X 3.0" Front & 16" X 4.0" Rear Fat Tires
Black Aluminum
Seat Post
Aluminum 270mm x 31.6mm
Addmotor Exclusive Well-padded Saddle with Backrest
Seatpost Clamp
Quick Release
Wellgo Aluminum with Reflectors, Standard 9/16'' x 20 TPI Threading
Aluminum Fenders, Front & Rear Included
Front Basket: Removable, Aluminum
Front Rack: Removable, Aluminum, 80lbs Carrying Capacity
SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300 Rear Derailleur, 7-Speed
SHIMANO TOURNEY Right Thumb Shifter 7-Speed, SIS Index System
KMC Rust Resistant Chain