Addmotor Triketan M-330F

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Compact, Convenient, and Sustainable

M-330F folding electric trike is the perfect combination of mobility and convenience. This sleek and stylish e-trike is perfect for cruising around town, running errands, or exploring the outdoors.

Folding Electric Trike Stylish & Powerful

The M-330F electric trike has a folding structure, and the head can be easily retracted into the frame, saving more space and making it easy to store and transport.

Elevate Your Commute

Upgrade your daily commute with the Triketan M-330F electric trike. Designed to enhance your travel experience, this trike offers a powerful and reliable mode of transportation.

48V * 750W Rear-Mounted Motor

With its powerful 750w rear-drive motor, not only provides extra speed and torque, but also prevents start-up slippage, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Rear Speed Differential

The M-330F has a new differential component that avoids single-axle problems and allows the rear wheels to turn independently, so that the outside wheels can rotate faster during cornering, resulting in safer and more predictable acceleration, cornering and braking.

3rd Gen Mid-axis Torque Sensing

The latest technology of mid-axis torque sensing, avoiding the sense of hysteresis, with higher sensitivity, faster response time. With 36 torque sensing points, when the pedal shift 20°, the PAS will start to intervene, while can reduce battery consumption and improve the riding range of 20%-30%!

Efficiency & Comfort Combined

Experience the convenience of the folding structure that saves space and makes storage
and transportation a breeze, all while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Parking Brake System Secure Parking for Peace of Mind

The M-330F E-trike's parking brake system has an easy-to-use lever that attaches to the handlebars for easy activation, just squeeze the brake and press the button. It gives you greater control and peace of mind when you are parking on inclines or uneven terrain.