eXXite X One

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The all-integrated urban ebike.

Made for the smart city, with a minimalistic and flush design.
Recommended for riders 170 - 200cm

Battery size matters

Choosing the right battery size for your electric bike can make all the difference in your riding experience. For the Exxite Next and Next Step we only offer the top solution at the moment, to really optimize their performance. Discover the Next Battery!

The Motor

Discover the Cutting-Edge Advancements of the Most Advanced E-Bike Motor.

Smart and clean

Elevate Your Ride with the Impeccable Design of our Minimalist Flush Handlebars.

Meet the most advanced bike

Made for the passionate technophiles and design lovers looking for new mobility solutions.

Best for riders between 1,7 - 2,0m

Belt Drive

A cleaner and maintenance-free solution for your rides thanks to the Belt Drive transmission.

Safety First

Thanks to the mechanical disc brakes with our Regenerative tech, and the integrated Bell.

Directional Light

The built-in Front and Rear powerful Lights for maximum safety on the road.

Smart compartment

Elevate your e-bike experience with our cutting-edge battery compartment.

The Motor

Compact and powerful

Exxite’s Smart Hub gives you all the power required to travel fast and safely through any path. You will easily reach up to 25km/h of assistance with its 250W and 50N/m of torque.

All the Tech that gets you there

The Exxite Next features our own patented tech system, the EIVA Drive Technology


Intelligent Pedal Assist System. The sensor measures the pedaling speed and turns it into a compensated power, allowing 3 levels to choose from the display MiniEIVA, for a quick adaptation to every situation.


Intelligent Regenerative Brake Sensor. Converts torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity, which goes back to the the battery, extending the range of each ride.

Back-Pedal Brakes

Pedaling backwards provokes a reverse effect in the motor, producing a braking based on the back-pedal speed, while recharging the battery.

The faster you back-pedal. The more it brakes. The more it recharges.

The RegenFit™

RegenFit™ is eXXite's patented technology to convert our bikes into indoor smart trainers.

Train indoors by competing against the motor of your bike, with an adjustable resistance, to recharge the batteries.

Access the RegenFit Mode inside the EIVA App 2.0. and get the RegenFit Stand to keep your rear wheel off the ground.

Always ready

Get the most out of your bike thanks to the MiniEIVA device, the integrated display with the EIVA 2.0 software, developed by Rayvolt to control, customize and monitor your bike.

eXXite X One Specifications


23 kg + Battery

E-Drive System

Rayvolt EIVA@ Drive 2.0


80 km


250 W - 50 N/m

Speed control
  • Pedal Assist System
  • Belt Drive
  • Boost Power button

Rayvolt Mechanical Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A - 50A

Max load weight

120 kg


eXXite Aluminum 6061


eXXite Flat Pedals


Double wall 26"


26" ×3


178 x 102 x 72 cm

RegenFit Compatibility

Yes, Stand required