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Discover Unparalleled Urban Mobility with the Exxite XS Folding Electric Bike

The Exxite XS is not just a folding bike; it's a revolutionary urban mobility solution meticulously crafted to elevate your daily commute. Compact, user-friendly, and packed with cutting-edge technology, this bike will redefine your urban travel experience.

About Exxite: Urban Innovation Meets Technological Expertise

Exxite, the urban bike brand of the future, inherits its design prowess and technological marvels from the renowned Rayvolt. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Barcelona, Exxite is part of the same dynamic group, ensuring that every Exxite bike embodies the spirit of innovation and urban efficiency.

Designed for Urbanites and Commuters

The Exxite range has been meticulously designed for city dwellers and commuters in search of novel mobility solutions. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, these bikes effortlessly navigate the urban jungle, facilitate public transport usage, and stow away conveniently in your home without consuming precious space.

ntroducing the Exxite XS Folding Electric Bike

In the bustling urban landscape, time is of the essence. With the Exxite XS, you can fold or unfold your bike in under 30 seconds, thanks to an intuitive and straightforward system. Crafted from robust 6061 aluminum, this bike boasts a maximum load capacity of 100 kg, ensuring durability without compromise.

Compact and Convenient

The Exxite XS is the epitome of compactness, measuring 147 cm when unfolded and a mere 82 cm when stored. Featuring folding pedals and a removable handlebar, it effortlessly slips into even the tightest urban spaces. Weighing in at just 19 kg with the battery, it's incredibly light, making it the ultimate companion for navigating dense urban environments.

Effortless Urban Exploration

Equipped with 7 speeds and a potent 250W Rayvolt engine, the XS effortlessly conquers the cityscape. From congested streets to steep inclines, nothing stands in its way. But the XS isn't just a means of transportation; it's a lifestyle choice.

Your Fitness Partner

Once your daily commute is complete, the Exxite XS transforms into your connected fitness companion. Utilizing the electromagnetic properties of the engine and Hall effect sensors, the battery recharges as you pedal. This bike becomes your personal home trainer, allowing you to choose your workout intensity, engage in virtual races via the RegenFit app's cycling simulator, and track your fitness progress with precise statistics.

Smart, Safe, and Technologically Advanced

With its petite 20-inch wheels, featherlight build, and compact design, the XS is your ideal urban ally. It features an intelligent braking system for added safety, ensuring a smooth and secure ride through the bustling city streets.

Rayvolt EIVA® Drive 2.0: A Technological Marvel

At the heart of the XS lies the Rayvolt EIVA® Drive 2.0 system, transforming it into a technological wonder. Ready to be your daily companion, this system allows you to effortlessly navigate urban terrains while staying connected to the future of mobility.

Transform Your Daily Commute with Exxite XS

Don't wait any longer to embrace the convenience and technology that the Exxite XS folding electric bike has to offer. Order yours today and embark on a new era of mobility, where urban exploration and convenience coexist seamlessly, enhancing your daily life in ways you've never imagined.

eXXite XS Specifications


19 kg + Battery

E-Drive System

Rayvolt EIVA@ Drive 2.0


Up to 80 km


250 W - 35 N/m

Speed control
  • Pedal Assist System
  • 7-Speed Gears

Rayvolt Mechanical Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A - 50A

Max load weight

110 kg


eXXite Aluminum 6061


Folding Pedals


Double wall 20"


20" × 2.4


147× 118× 58 cm

Folded Dimensions

82× 68× 42 cm

RegenFit Compatibility

Yes, Adaptors are required for the Stand