Freego eFlex Lite B-20B

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Removable Battery

The Freego B-20B electric bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 15Ah removable lithium-ion battery. After the battery is fully charged, the maximum cruising range can reach 50 miles, meeting the needs of daily commuting and long-distance travel. The battery is equipped with a safety lock system and can be easily removed using a special key. Whether embarking on an urban adventure or a short commute, the Freego B-20B provides users with a reliable, long-lasting, and safe electric riding experience with its efficient battery and convenient design.

Gears 7 Speed

Freego B-20B is equipped with an efficient SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears transmission system, providing riders with more flexible riding options. This advanced transmission system allows riders to easily adjust the speed according to different road conditions and personal preferences, enjoying a more comfortable and personalized riding experience.

20"x3.0" Inches Tires

The Freego B-20B electric bike is equipped with wide and powerful 20"x3.0"-inch tires, which provide excellent stability and adaptability to the ride. This wide tire not only provides the rider with a smoother ride; Excellent passability on uneven roads. Whether on the rough streets of the city or on nature trails, the Freego B-20B tires can handle it with ease, allowing riders to enjoy a smooth ride in any environment.

Multifunctional LCD Display

The Freego B-20B electric vehicle is equipped with a multi-function LCD display. Through this multi-function LCD display, the rider can easily view key information such as battery power, speed, mileage, and remaining battery life. In addition, some advanced functions such as different electric power assist modes, lighting control, etc. can also be easily adjusted through the touch screen, providing users with a more personalized and convenient riding experience.

High Intensity Lights

The Freego B-20B electric scooter is equipped with a high-intensity light system to provide excellent lighting effects for night riding, ensuring that riders maintain good visibility and safety in any environment. This high-intensity lighting system is one of the important features of the vehicle, creating a more secure and bright night riding experience for users.

Freego eFlex Lite B-20B Foldable Electric Bike Specifications


Freego eFlex B-20B

Motor Power

500W(nominal), 800W(peak)


48V, 15Ah

Top Speed

Class 1/2: 20 MPH

Class 3: 28 MPH


64km -80km | 40mi - 50mi

Tire size

20"x3.0" Infltable Tire


20KG (59 LBS)

Max Load

264 lbs(120kg)

Charging Time

3-8 h

Transmission Gears

7 Speed Gears

Brake System

Front wheel: Mechnical Disc Brake

Rear wheel:

Mechanic Disc Brakes


Head light, Tail warning light

Recommended Height

5'5''--6'3'' (167CM - 192CM)


High-strength Steel

Package Size

80 x 49 x 70CM


1. 20"x3.0" Tires*2
2. 15Ah Battery
3. Charger*1
4. Bicycle Seat
5. Fenders
6. Pedals*2
7. Front light
8. Bicycle frame
9. Owner's manual