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Dual Suspensions

The Grandtan X trike redefines comfort on three wheels with its dual shock absorption system: including a set of front oil suspensions and rear spring shock absorbers. Together, they absorb vibrations and bumps with remarkable efficiency, ensuring a ride that's not just smooth, but enjoyable.

The ride is 100% more stable and controllable than others. Grandtan X minimizes the vibrations and jolts that a rider would otherwise feel, reducing fatigue over long distance.

Upgraded 750W Rear Motor

The rear-mounted motor makes the GRANDTAN X much more stable and helps maintain a better balanced ride when climbing hills.

Max Motor Torque: 90 Nm

Peak Motor Watts: 1,400W

Delight in the Ride

Whether it's a tranquil journey through the forest or a smooth cruise along the paved pathways, the GRANDTAN X ensures a ride that's both comfortable and exhilarating.

Rear Differential: Turn Better

The differential allows the rear wheels to adjust to different speeds and terrains, helping you reduce slippage and hopping on turns. It better ensures you smooth and safe trike riding.

EB 2.0 Samsung Cell Battery

World’s first 48V*20Ah UL Recognized battery built w/ Samsung latest 50E 21700 cells. It offers a stable 30A output current capability and IPX6 water resistance to withstand heavy rain and showers for your safety.

Charging Time: 8-10 hrs

In Accordance with UL-2271

No Roll, No Slip

The new parking brake system can lock the wheels in place when activated. So you can stop or park anywhere with confidence.

EB 2.0 LCD Display

Provides key ride info with battery usage, mileage, speed, lights, PAS level, current motor wattage, and turning to improve your safety and control on the road.

Strong Trailer Tube for Extra Cargo

GRANDTAN X has an enhanced tube for effortless attachment of a trailer, significantly increasing the trike's cargo capacity. Just connect the trailer to the tube, and you're ready to carry larger loads with ease.

EB 2.0 Versatile Taillight

GRANDTAN X has a 5-in-1 tail light, giving signals for driving mode, danger, flashing, braking, and turning directions. The braking signal lights up automatically when you use the brakes.

Smooth, Responsive Pedaling

With the mid-axis torque sensor, the GRANDTAN X can better match your pedaling effort, boosting your efficiency and comfort for a more natural and responsive ride.

Mechanical Disc Brake With Motor Cutoff Sensor

Full-wheel Tektro mechanical disc brake
system with an automatic motor cutoff
sensor allows you to slow or stop quickly.

180mm F / 2*180mm Rear Brake Rotors

Eco-friendly & Carefully Crafted Footrest Wood Board

Rest your feet on the board comfortably while using throttle mode or waiting for a green light.

Swan-Inspired Step Through Frame

Swan style design makes the Grandtan more stylish, good-looking, and easier to get off and on.

Adjustable Backrest & Extra Wide Saddle for Comfort

The padded saddle stablizes your ride,and the backrest height can be customized to maximize your comfort.

Oil Spring Fork with Lockout: 80mm of Travel

Helps ensure a smoother and more effective shock absorption when rolling over the tough terrains.

Rotatable U-shaped Handlebar

An rotatable stem allows you to adjust to the right angle for a comfortable upright position.

Upgraded Rear Differential

Improves the trike's balance and stability, making the ride safer and more enjoyable.

3D Fenders Keep Dirt and Sand Away

Addmotor unqiue 3D fenders can protect your body and e-trike from mud, sand and more.

Three Wheel Rear Brake Rotors

The brakes system ensures safe braking at high speeds, meanwhile triggering the automatic motor cutoff and rear brake light.

20.5"X16"X9.5" Waterproof Storage Bag with Refective Liner Stripe

Grandtan comes with a waterproof bag freebie to store your item and safeguard your nocturnal ride.

Grandtan X Specifications

48V*750W Rear-Mounted Brushless Motor: 90 Nm Torque; 1400 Watts Peak Power
Addmotor EB 2.0 48V*20Ah (960Wh) Battery w/ Samsung Lithium-Ion Cells | Charging Time: 8-10 Hrs; Rated For 1,000-1,500 Charge Cycles
Addmotor EB 2.0 LCD Display
Addmotor 25A Controller
Right Hand Half Twist Throttle with Switch
Latest EB 2.0 front light and 5-in-1 taillight
USB Port
Integrated in Display, 5V, 1Amp
Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness
Pedal Assist
Intelligent 7 Level Pedal Assist, Upgraded Torque Sensor
48V*2A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger, 5 Pins With Auto Magnetic Suction
Max Range
Up to 85 Miles Per Charge with PAS 1(Estimated)
6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
Oil Spring Front Suspension with 80mm of Travel & Rear Shock Absorber

Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor
Brake Rotors
180mm Front / 2*180mm Rear Rotors on 3 Wheels
Aluminum 100mm + Adjustable Angle (90°)
24" X 4.0" Front & 20" X 4.0" Rear Fat Tires
Durable Ergonomic Design 
Black Aluminum, Sweep Back
Seat Post
Aluminum 270mm x 31.6mm
Addmotor Exclusive Well Padded Saddle with Backrest
Seatpost Clamp
Quick Release
Aluminum Double Wall, 36H
Stainless Steel, F: 12-Gauge, R: 13-Gauge
Wellgo Aluminum with Reflectors, Standard 9/16'' x 20 TPI Threading
Aluminum Fenders, Front & Rear Included
Front: Removable, Aluminum
Rear: Removable, Aluminum, 100lbs Carrying Capacity
Prowheel Ounce, 48T Chainring, 170mm Crank Length
SHIMANO TOURNEY TY300 Rear Derailleur, 7-Speed
SHIMANO TOURNEY Right Thumb Shifter 7-Speed, SIS Index System
SHIMANO SIS Index 7-Speed, 14-32T
KMC Rust Resistant Chain