Rundeer Attack10 Off Road Electric Bike

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Unique and Stylish Design

Embracing elements of English retro motorcycle style, our design endows the bike with a robust and muscular silhouette, seamlessly integrating with the rugged off-road positioning inspired by the A-10 fighter jet. This off road e-bike boasts an exclusive patented design, a result of two years of dedicated time and substantial investment in product development by the RUNDEER team.

Metal Injection Molding

Employing an advanced technique akin to Tesla's Metal Injection Molding (MIM), both front and rear frames are cast seamlessly as a single mold, eliminating any welding points throughout the entire vehicle. This not only ensures exceptional strength but also contributes to the bike's aesthetic appeal.

Made For Off-Roads

Engineered for hardcore off-road adventures, the structural design elevates the bike's center axis height by 10CM compared to similar products, significantly enhancing its maneuverability in mountainous terrains. To meet the demands of off-road riding, special treatments have been applied to components such as front and rear suspensions, wheelsets, handlebars, and spokes—delivering a level of performance that sets this e-bike apart from others in the market.

Premium Suspension System

The Attack10's front fork not only provides strong performance in mountain off-road activities but also offers over twice the suspension travel compared to standard front forks. To preserve the robust off-road style of this E-bike, the rear shock absorber uses a spring-based damping system with a specially designed spring that has three times the fatigue resistance of regular springs.

Magnesium Alloy Frame

33% lighter than aluminum while maintaining high tensile strength and damping capabilities. Magnesium alloy creates a smoother and more compliant ride.

48V Samsung Cells Battery

Rundeer combines the new 48V 20AH Samsung Lithium-ion Battery to ensure a long life expectancy and distinguished performance.

BAFANG Custom Motor

Attack 10 equipped with 48V 750W high speed brushless gear motor, with 89.7 Nm of torque. Powered by a top speed of 32 mph, easy climbing & quick acceleration.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and rear 160mm hydraulic brakes provides riders with robust and reliable stopping power over loose surfaces.

20"X 4" Fat Tires

The 20*4 inch wide puncture-resistant fat tires provides you with maximum traction for a smooth, reliable and controlled ride.

3A Fast Charging

On the basis of safe charging, It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge with a 3A fast charger, which is 1.5 times faster than a 2A charger.

Integrated LED Headlights

Navigate through the darkness with confidence and clarity, as the Attack 10 electric bike features high lumen headlights, and the light intensity is 3 times higher than ordinary lights.

Hydraulic Front Fork

Hydraulic suspension reduces frame vibration when riding on rough roads. Makes for a more stable, comfortable and controllable ride.

Rear Shock Absorber

Advanced rear suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Shimano - 7 Speeds

Efficient gear shifting mechanism for a customizable riding experience.

Multifunctional LCD Display

Backlight display provides the information of speed, mileage, power, etc.

Leather Handlebars

Luxurious leather handlebars for a touch of class and added comfort.

Powerful 750W BAFANG Motor


Electric mountain bike Attack 10 was made to carry you across all terrains with 750w (Peak 1200w) high-performance motor, with 89.7 Nm of torque. Feel the power of instant acceleratior like never before,it provides a powerful, thrilling riding experience.


Removable EV Battery


An Industry-best 48V 20Ah Tesla-Grade 21700 SAMSUNG battery assembly provides ample power to kick-start any journey. It features an integrated design to provide both safety and convenience. Additionally, it incorporates two proprietary locking mechanisms, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. Attack 10 electric dirt bike is able to achieve 40-50 miles in pure electric mode and 50-68 miles in pedal assist mode (PAS mode).

Attack 10 Advanced Gets Upgrades!

Electric dirt bike Attack 10 Advanced omits the lampshade and incorporates substantial strengthening in both the front fork and rear suspension systems, significantly boosting its off-road performance capabilities. The Electric dirt bike Attack 10 Advanced is equipped with high-performance puncture resistant fat tires that are more suitable for off-road terrains. The advanced model is also engineered to endure impacts from a three-meter fall, in contrast to the standard edition, which can handle only a one-meter drop.