Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

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A Symphony of Innovation: Melding Futurism with Functionality

At the heart of Starry Sky lies a visionary design ethos, embracing the aesthetics of future technology. The vehicle's form is a testament to this innovation, with crisp, robust lines and a distinct silhouette exuding a profound sense of modernity. Departing from the conventional rigidity of triangular bicycle frames, Starry Sky adopts a daring parallelogram structure, seamlessly integrating the battery into the downtube. The rear suspension, employing a soft-tail shock absorption design, not only adds a touch of fashion but also ensures an undeniably sporty allure.

Feather-light Mastery: Starry Sky 3K Frame Unleashes Carbon Elegance

In the creation of the Starry Sky 3K frame, the alchemy of craftsmanship and technology unfolds. Constructed from carbon fiber, this marvel of engineering demands the touch of skilled hands due to the unique characteristics of the material. Weighing a mere 5 pounds, the frame elegantly sidesteps the common bulkiness associated with e-bikes, offering users an experience redefined by its feather-light design.

Crafting Timeless Beauty: The Artisanal Mastery of Starry Sky 3K Frame

The canvas of the Starry Sky 3K frame reveals a masterpiece of artistry, showcasing the intrinsic, organic patterns of carbon fiber. This craftsmanship, a meticulous dance of hands and precision, stands as a testament to the dedication of traditional artisans. Each layer, with its high demand for precision, transforms every journey into a celebration of their timeless dedication.

Reliable Urban Biking Companion

The Starry SKY 3K ebikes were designed for easy riding in an urban environment. Featuring the responsive 350W high speed brushless torque sensing motor, this e-bike moves along at a comfortable 20 mph with a thumb throttle to help you get up to speed or the top of punchy hills. SKY 3K is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performance, lightweight, and comfortable bike.

Head Tube

Adopting a sunken graphic design, RUNDEER's Logo is made of silver special metal, this section of the design highlights the delicacy of details

Bafang M600 Motor

Equipped with 350W high speed brushless torque sensing motor. The torque-sensing Bafang M600 motor provides super power and 120nm torque.

Removable & Built-in Battery

A hidden removable lithium-ion battery makes for a clean design. With a built-in battery design and IP65 waterproof rate, the e-bike can be used on unexpected rainy days.

Front Suspension Fork

Sr Suntour hydraulic front fork system, working with the rear-suspension, the front fork absorbs bumps in your path for the best wheel-to-ground contact.

Rear Shock Absorber

With a modern rear suspension design, the Starry Sky can absorbs bumps easy for keeping comfortable and in control.

27.5“ HighWear-resistant Tires

The 27.5*2.0 Maxxis tires provide upgraded grip and superior shock absorption ability. These tires support your safety.

Shimano 9-Speed Derailleur

Shimano 9-speed gear shift system is designed to enhance your riding experience and allows you to change the gears for adapting to different terrains.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and rear 160mm hydraulic brakes provides riders with robust and reliable stopping power over loose surfaces.

Thumb Throttle & Control Pad

With just a push of the thumb, you can access all of the power the motor has to offer. No need to pedal, just sit back and enjoy the ride.


It‘s completely in line with the principle of human mechanics. The sponge of the seat cushion is thickened, and the surface of the seat bag is designed with anti-slip particles to ensure riding comfort.

Handlebar Integrated Display


The LCD display shows all kinds of important information of riding, including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level, and more. The one-piece design makes the electric bike look more compact and stylish, and the backlight function makes it easy for the rider to ride at night.

Rundeer Starry Sky 3K Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Specifications

E-Bike Size
27.5 inches

BAFANG 350-500W Brushless Gear Motor

Frame Material    
Carbon Fiber

Driving Mode    
Pedal Assist/ Power Assist / Pure Electric

Suspension System    
Front / Rear Hydraulic Suspension System

Certification Standards    

Speed Limit    
25 Miles/H

Max Payload Capacity    
200 Lbs

Brake System    
Front / Rear Hydraulic Brake System

Battery Output    
Panasonic 630Wh

Rear Triangle Material    
Carbon Fiber

Riding Range    
35-60 Miles

27.5" x 2.175" Tires

Speed System    

Waterproof Level   

Weight(Excl. Battery) 
35 Lbs